Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day Six Of The Lipocide Experiment

Today I tried to work on form and mental can-do.  There are several moves that I previously didn't really try because they looked way too hard, and others that I tried but couldn't do for more than a second so I'd always just replace the move with another that was still working the same muscle or whatever.  This time I made myself do what they were doing.  I had to complete the move twice, and then I could do the beginner's version or do it slower, but I had to keep doing that, I couldn't just jog in a circle when things got rough. 

Two interesting things happened.  First, I noticed that my heart rate and fatigue levels were a lot steadier this time.  It's almost like (gasp!) the trainers knew what they were doing when they ordered the moves in that way.  Shocking!  Second, due to thing 1 and (I'm guessing) the fact that I took a break yesterday I DID ALL OF THEM WITHOUT STOPPING!  No big, halfway-through break!  AWESOME!!!!!!

Now I'll see if I can do that two days in a row!


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