Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Calling All People Who Don't Answer Calls

Hello, fellow blogger types!  I am one of many people blogging about weight loss.  Let me start by encouraging you to find more of us if you need help in that area.  (That's next on my to-do list, right after studying for the finance final in 7 hours instead of sleeping). 

I'm not a very share-oriented type.  I'm an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs Typology personality test (not your average facebook quiz; look it up, it's a real professional test and it's very interesting) and that means that emotions, to me, are nearly useless and usually not worth attention.  Of course I know that's not objectively true, but it's not my nature to want to deal with them.  I have to view them as tools or means to an end before they become material.  INTJ's are very pragmatic, though, and I can pretty much view anything as a tool or a means to an end if I put my mind to it, which I have done for emotions to a large degree by now, which is the only reason I'm even here. 

The thing is, even though emotions are still a vaguely foreign substance to me, that doesn't mean I don't care about people.  True to INTJ form, I care about them, but more as a concept than with any actual individuals.  I want to "help people" if I can, but it takes me a while to get to like an actual person.  I'd help a stranger out in a heartbeat (and have on several occassions) but that's actually easier because we have no relationship so I can view them as a piece of the concept of "people" and not have to deal with, say, a conversation.  Those are tricky.  They involve people. 

So what on earth am I doing writing a blog about such an emotional issue as weight loss?  Because I do have a heart, but I don't have social skills.  I want to lose weight and then (and in the proccess) help others with their weight loss, but there's no freaking way I could do public speaking or anything like that.  I'm better with writing.  It's nice and cold, like I like it.  And I know there are others like me who'd rather be inspired looking at a computer screen than trying to act like a human being in front of another human being.  This is for you, fellow people-avoiders!  We can do it, and without ever having to deal with what "we" means!

So basically I'll share things I learn along the way here and you can take out of them what you will.  I hope I can help "somebody".



  1. Amber, I am so along for the ride! I have a lot of weight to lose myself, and I love keeping up with a variety of weight loss blogs!

  2. Wow, I already have a follower! I must come up with a name for you. Assuming there's more of you later..."minions"? "underlings"? "fellow badasses"? "my shady associates"? "fellow awesome losers"? "warriors"? "ROUS's"? Do you, Colleen, have a preference or suggestion? I'm very excited to have you!