Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day Three Of The Lipocide Experiment

I was a lot less sore today than I was yesterday, mostly because hubby gave me a calf massage before bed last night.  However, a new problem arose: I just had no energy today.  And my lower back hurt.  Yesterday I was working through the pain, today I was trying not to fall asleep during the big half-way break.  It was kinda sad.  I think I know what it was, though.  Usually two days is pretty much my max as far as doing something consistently, if I get started at all.  48 hours in I'm all like "okay, you did good, and you deserve a treat" or "wow, that was hard, time for a rest" or "OMG I'm scared, find an excuse, FIND IT!"  My brain was waiting for me to stop as usual today.  It didn't think I was gonna need any energy, and it sure as hell didn't give it up easy.  This theory is supported by the fact that halfway through the last video, as I was jogging in a circle because Jillian's buttkicks were killing me, I suddenly smelled cheddar and sour cream chips, clear as day and more delicious than I ever thought possible.  It was hilarious, I would have laughed if I had any breath for it.  My subconscious was trying really hard to derail me, this time by using the element of surprise.  Fortunately, I was busy jogging.  :-)

In summary: finished day three, am awesome.  Woot!


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