Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rule # 3: Learn From Professor Poop

When you get a cold while trying to lose weight, what do you do?  There is no answer.  Or rather, there are dozens of answers.  Just take it an hour at a time.  If, at this moment, you think you could maybe get up and wash a couple dishes, do so.  And don't feel bad or beat yourself up because the trash is still there.  It's freezing out, and you're ill.  It's okay.  And if you think, at this moment, that you could manage to make yourself a sandwich on some nice whole grain bread then please do, and don't feel bad that you really just needed it to have cheese on it.  Some lovely, sharp cheddar or some earthy, mild swiss.  Just don't bother your poor sick head about it, because it's what you could do at the time and you're doing great.  How I wish I could have told myself these things this morning when I woke up and my reaction was "Oh, piss!" but it's okay.  That's fine, that's what learning is all about, isn't it?  If the fact that I fricking bombed today didn't result in improved behavior tomorrow, then there'd be a real problem. You can always learn from crap that happens. 


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