Monday, December 27, 2010

Day One of the Lipocide Experiment: Part Two

Ho.  Ly.  Piss.  I'm done!!!  I had to rest between each video (30 - 60 minutes), and during the videos I had to take lots of mini-breaks (several seconds or so) and had to look at a few of the moves and say "HAHAHAHAHA there's no way!" and modify them (I made sure it was either working the same muscle or was a move we'd done before) and my form was TERRIBLE for the most part, but...I DID IT!!!

Note, however: "it" is now just all the workout videos, not the jog.  By the time I was done with all four workout videos it was already dark outside and frakkin' cold and my body was like "you go out there and I will KILL YOU", so, four workout videos will have to be enough for this experiment.  I'll try to really focus on the form and number/duration of minibreaks I need instead. 

Note on the note: See what I did there?  When I started with a big idea and then not 24 hours into it had to change it and make it less amazing?  When usually I would get all self-loathing-y and mope-y and be all like "man, I knew I couldn't do that, who the hell was I trying to fool, I suck, I need some lasagna and a popsicle"?  I did none of that.  I accepted that my plan was flawed, accepted that my fitness level is not there yet, acknowledged that if I pushed harder I had a huge chance of injury, made an appropriate change, and moved on.  It's not easy, I'm fighting the urge to hate on myself for not living up to my original rediculous standard right now, but it's generally losing the battle.  Which means I'm winning.  Which means I'm awesome!  Usually when I start trying to lose weight I'm just saying weight-loss-y words while secretely hoping that my excuse will come and come soon.  Or I'm just looking for more reasons to hate myself (because as long as I suck, I can at least be right about it, which makes it so much better, hahaha.)  But not this time, I had plenty of excuses and I didn't use them, unlike mistake #1, and realized that even if I wasn't going to live up to the original super-high standard that my new standard is still pretty high and that any movement is better than no movement so I'm still being awesome, unlike mistake #2.

So now I'm going to go get some healthy foodstuffs.  Yay!


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